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"If I knew what I was doing, I 'd be doing it right now".....Keith Urban

I am a palette knife painter and paint primarily in oils. I have taken some art classes but for the most part, self-taught.I let impressionism and abstraction lead where necessary.When I feel what I see, I paint what I feel. I grant myself permission to experiment, to be creative and to be myself.In that way, I ensure that my work remains fresh and interesting.

I am a member of two Plein Air painting groups OPAS in Ontario and The Lightchasers in Florida. I  truly enjoy the outdoor painting experience.

My husband of forty years plus is supportive and helps me cart my gear from place to place. We divide our time between the city ofToronto, the Lake District of Ontario and Sarasota, FL. These vastly different locations keep my creative thoughts and passions fresh.

I have two grown children, four grandchildren, and a well-traveled cat.